What the hell, people?

January 29, 2012

It’s only January, and we still have the outdoor Christmas decorations up, since it is Wisconsin, and as I said before January.  It hasn’t been too bad here.  But it is hard to get any enthusiasm for climbing a step stool and pulling down ice when the wind is blowing and the porch is covered with ice.  Some people go for generic ‘winter decorations’ that don’t need to come down at all.

And some people are just plain misguided, or perhaps creepy.  And they come up with things like this.


Twisted Christmas

This is a lousy picture, since we were on our way to church, and I couldn’t exactly stop dead, get out of the car and march up on a strange lawn to get a better shot.  I did not want to meet the people that put these up.

What you have here is two sets of children’s snow clothes, stuffed, with foam wig heads in the hoods, so that blank white faces stare out at you.  Though the bodies are toddler size, one figure has a pair of adult women’s figure skates slung over  its shoulder.

I am guessing that the blades are very sharp.  And perhaps covered with the dried blood of the last person to get too close.

Any Doctor Who fans out there?  Because what I am seeing is this:

Why it’s not safe to shop in London.

Somebody is using Autons as Christmas decorations.

Sure, it’s cute.

Until the shooting starts, and your phone cord tries to strangle you.  And you realize that the Dcotor is on hiatus.


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