should I feel guilty, or just sick?

December 28, 2005

We gave up on getting the cats to do anything constructive while inside for Christmas and set a mousetrap in the kitchen. The DH caught one on the very first night.

But I noticed today, that the Tupperware container of cookies had been left open over night. (Apparently, the idea of “locking in freshness” has passed this family by.)

And one of the brandy balls in the container was half gone.

It is possible that the cookie crumbled, and that there were enough pieces in the bottom of the container to explain that suspiciously missing half.

It is also possible that we just caught and killed a drunk mouse.

But this would mean that I just ate a handful of brandy balls that were used as dining room furniture by a rodent.

I’m going to pretend I know nothing. And seal the tupperware. But I’m going to be very suspicious if I see any cookies with caraway seeds in them.

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