July 25, 2007

On the recent trip to Dallas, my roommate, Cory talked me into a field trip to Zeus Comics. Poor Cory seemed to think that she was dragging me somewhere I didn’t really want to be.

Silly woman.

The store turned out to be in a strip mall that had a liquor store (we needed mixers), and a restaurant called “Good Eats” with award winning chicken fried steak, where they insisted that we eat free peach cobbler, since we were first-timers there, and they wanted us to be happy.

It was also in a neigborhood where, according to our cab driver, you can go to a dog restaurant. Dogs are diners, that is (not on the menu). You can eat there, too, as long as you don’t mind eating food out of a kitchen where they prepare dog food.

Why would that be any different than every other day of my life?

But Zeus Comics was definitely the highlight of the trip. I’m not a comics fan. But I am a fan of all other things geeky, and am more than willing to go to a store like this and dive head first into the action figure bargain bin, yelling “Invader Zim figures! Three dollars!” The fact that they also had a Godzilla T-shirt to fit my husband, and a DVD of Godzilla vs. Ebirah was even better.

This movie hardly ever plays on television. It is Godzilla fighting a jumbo shrimp. Or perhaps a lobster. But it looks more like a shrimp to me. To the best of my knowledge, drawn butter is not used in the final battle. But it should have been. Or cocktail sauce.

I also bought a Cyberman action figure, which is now standing on my desk, threatening me.

There was one thing I wanted, and did not buy. They had a library play set for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures. Cory had just given me Giles the librarian, as a gift. My plan is to let him share the play library of my other librarian action figure: Nancy Pearl.

Librarian Action Figure

Nancy is a real librarian, and author of “Book Lust”. But she’s also an action figure, with real shushing action, and her own little cardboard library. She has a book cart, and little plastic books, and a circ desk, complete with computer.

The computer is frozen, of course. Which reminds me of my last job.

Although my kids have pointed out that I am violating the packaging and destroying his collectible value, I am planning to move Giles in with her. There will not be much space, but I’m sure Nancy won’t mind a little forced proximity with Anthony Stewart Head.

Unless she sees his library.

And then all bets are off.

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