Return of an old friend

January 18, 2006

I took a trip into Milwaukee today to have my hair done, and impulse buy a couch.

Not totally an impulse. The original plan was to order form Ikea, but when I realized that the couch was $466 and the shipping would be an additional $380? It no longer looked like such a good deal. And the couch we have is turning into a hammock. The middle is getting so much lower than the front edge that you have to take a rocking start to get up.

So I went to Pier One and bought a couch I saw on the internet. Done!

And as I was leaving the parking lot, I noticed that my CHECK ENGINE light was on.

If this blog is to believed, I’ve had the new old van for exactly 31 days. Which would make sense, since it came with a 30 day guarantee. Is the damn light on a timer? How did it know?

And why did I buy a car from a guy that kept a pet rat in the show room of his dealership? And the door of the rat’s cage was open, so he could help himself to the rat food on the counter.

At the time, I thought it was kind of cute. Now, I’m thinking the real rat was there to cover the rat I should have smelled when I bought the car.

I don’t know why James Frey has to make things up to sell his books. Generally, I find that the straight truth of my life works just fine, as far as dramatic effect goes.

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