January 1, 2006

I was surprised to find that I actually kept most of last year’s resolutions.

Sell a book.
Check. Of course, I kind of fell into that situation, but I get to take credit now, right?

Get a new job.
Check and double check. Of course, the plan was to get rid of the main job. Instead, I’m collecting W-2s like bubble gum cards.

But, I’ve got a resume out, and an interview in a couple of days that might finally get me out of the job I want to leave. If I complete last year’s resolution in the first week of ’06, I think I get to count that.

Stop watching TV with one eye closed and admit I need glasses.
Done. And I must say, after the initial blow to the ego that I got the first time I put on the glasses, that I kind of like being able to see things.

I had the usual resolutions of cleaning the whole house and losing a hundred pounds. They did not get finished and can be moved to this year’s list.

And I’ve started to clean the house already. I’m on the last shelf of cleaning the refrigerator. And I have to look in the crispers. Perhaps another glass of cheap champagne before I go there (which undoes the ‘lose weight’ resolution).

And, while I always eat herring for good luck on New Year’s, I think it would be even better luck NOT to eat the herring I found in the back of the fridge. I don’t know if it’s possible for pickled fish to go bad. And I don’t want to find out.

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