Remember the Alamo.

July 21, 2014

This week ( tomorrow, actually) I will be headed to the RWA national conference in San Antonio, TX. If any of you are in the area, stop by and say hello. I will be at the big book signing on Wednesday night, and probably live tweeting my locations for most of the rest of the weekend while carrying a big bag full of free books that I am eager to give away.

If not, I am holed up in a hotel room, writing. Time to actually show some signs of trying to finish another book.

Of course, being in San Antonio kind of requires me to Remember the Alamo. I am not in the conference hotel. If I read the map right, I will be walking past it several times a day. Remember that sight of the siege with Santa Anna?

It’s right next to the mall.

I also remember, thanks to Pee Wee Herman, that it has no basement.

Except, according to this site,

that’s wrong.

This will teach me to trust Pee Wee Herman for accurate historical research.

But now, I also know that Ozzy Osbourne once peed on it.

And I know that Davy Crockett (King of the wild frontier) died there. Of course, I always have to stop and remember it was him and not Daniel Boone ( A man. A big man). This leads to the conversation with my husband where he reminds me that both were played by Fess Parker. Both also wore hats made of rodents.

Now, with extra raccoons!

We have this conversation, on average, once a year.

They’re not actually rodents, BTW. They are called wash bears in Germany, for their habit of washing their food before eating it. They do not exist in the UK, and therefore should never appear in my books. But they do exist in Wisconsin, and are probably responsible for the pile of crap sitting on the roof just outside of my still unfinished bathroom.

When they talk, they sound just like Bradley Cooper.

Anyway. Remember the Alamo,. Remember the large mall next to the Alamo. Remember the two hotels in the other side. And remember the

RWA “Readers For Life” Literacy Autographing
at 5:30pm – 7:30pm
San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter Hotel in the 3rd Floor ballroom.

I’ll be in the M’s.

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