Punked by the Colonel

October 1, 2009

I am just back from dragging #2 to his voice lesson. This is my idea, not his. He needs to work on his range, since his Chariot maybe Sweet, but it is is about two octaves too Low.

Also, now that the “In a world where…” movie trailer guy has died, I figure there is an opening. Sooner or later, #2 will need a career. And since he already sounds like James Earl Jones, he may be in the running to be a voice over announcer.

Or the only understandable person working the McDonald’s drive thru speaker.

“Luke. I am your father. And would you like fries with that?”

But as a treat after, we went out for fast food. And when the seasons start to change and hibernation is a comin’, you are likely to end up in either Taco Bell or KFC.

Since I am a little depressed, and not totally suicidal, we went to KFC. I had the mashed potato bowl. The slogan on that should be “food for when you just don’t care.”

I offered to get #2 a double down.

I know this is not good for him. It is two friend chicken breasts, bacon, two types of cheese, and sauce. A bacon sandwich made with chicken instead of bread is not good for anyone.

But #2 is so thin that if it clogged an artery, I would probably see the bump. He would look like a python swallowing an egg. And he has a teenage boy metabolism. If anyone can survive a double down, it is probably him.

The guy in the drive thru had never heard of it.

I ordered, and there was this embarrassing silence. And then he asked me to repeat myself. And then, there was more silence. And then, I tried describing it, which just made me feel stupid. “The thing. With all the meat. And there’s bacon…”

And there was more silence from the speaker. And I am thinking, he is thinking “You’re kidding. Right?” Because that’s pretty much what I thought, when I heard the commercials.

And then he told me he’d never heard of it, and #2 got a chicken strip meal.

Does KFC drive thru guy not have a TV in his house? Does he not read the internet? Surely I did not imagine this sandwich. Has anyone out there had a double down?

And how is your cholesterol level?

One response to “Punked by the Colonel”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The colonel, or his people?

    I don’t know how it is in cheeseland, but over here, the colonel doesn’t hire the best and the brightest. You should have had the Taco Bell guy explain it to the KFC guy and then you could have had the right order. We get the wrong thing or a badly filled order or misinformation at our local KFC all the time. Also, cold or badly assembled dishes. Other locations seem to be better, though.

    –Kay, out west

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