Pass the Popcorn

May 8, 2011

I am all atwitter this weekend.  A new movie theater opened in our area.

 Actually, it is the same movie theater, under new management.  The last one closed in December, after a slow slide to ruin.  We did our best to patronize the local establishment, but it was sometimes difficult to love.  Movies were almost always guaranteed to be out of frame, blurry or occasionally on fire. 

 One of the channels was out of the sound system, which left me worried when we went to Robert Downey’s Sherlock Holmes movie that I was going deaf, or perhaps had been stricken with an inability to understand English accents.

Until recently, if you wanted to go to a movie in town, you had to be patient, and forgiving of quirks.

But after a four month hiatus, it is open again, with the addition of fresh paint and a liquor license.  If I drank beer, I could do it at the movies!  I can also get a hotdog and real butter on my popcorn.  And the third screen is going to be playing vintage stuff instead of first runs.  It is also cheaper than the nearest big chain multiplex.

I am going to live there.  I swear to God. 

Last night, we went to Thor

There is much to like about Thor, although I am dubious of any super hero whose main power is swinging a hammer really fast.  I don’t care if he’s a Norse God.  It’s still kind of lame. 

But he has one superpower that, as a romance writer, I can definitely get behind.  He has the power of taking his shirt off.  Never mind the other Avengers.  In this respect, Thor is stronger than Jason Statham and Brad Pitt in Troy.

Natalie Portman’s character spends most of the movie giggling and walking in to walls. I read this described as ‘chemistry’ in a recent review.  IMHO, this is not so much romantic chemistry as a natural physical reaction to the fact that Chris Hemsworth is a very gifted actor in a way that Mila Kunis is not.

But the movie itself did leave me with a question. 

How many Rainbow Bridges are there, exactly?  Because they were constantly traveling it to get to Asgard. But every time one of our dogs die (which has happened far too often) someone sends me the Rainbow Bridge poem about the place where the good doggies go.

I did not see any dogs in Asgard.  Although there was one scene with Thor in a pet store, looking for a horse, but willing to settle for anything big enough to ride.  This was a direct shout out to Kaiju our last golden retriever.

Of course, now that I think about it, Valhalla is probably the appropriate heaven for most dogs.  Continual eating, fighting, and scratching in inappropriate places.  And probably drinking from Odin’s toilet. 

The verdict:  Thor is a good movie, but would have been better with dogs.

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