Oh, my God, Mother! What have you done?

October 31, 2008

Still more Halloween decorations:

My blood stained french doors.

My chandelier, complete with flicker bulbs and fake cobwebs. Flicker bulbs are 3 watts a piece, instead of the usual 20, so you can’t see worth a damn in the dining room right now.

I argue that style is more important than knowing exactly where the puppy has peed on the hard wood floor. And doesn’t this encourage frequent walks and rapid housebreaking?

Or wearing shoes in the house.

More of the village. This is the residential district. Where the normal imaginary people live.

Pirate Island. I don’t know if the fog effect shows up. But there is mist rolling down to the sea.

My ship. And my only regret. This thing has the most annoying sound effects in the world, and so I never turn it on.

My pride and joy. The Generic Creature From the Black Lagoon.

Happy Halloween, Everybody!

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