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July 24, 2010

First, a warning. There will be a small spoiler for the movie Salt near the end of this post.

And now, on to bits and pieces from the last weeks at Casa de Dos Quesos.

From #1 son:

I asked him recently, after reading a blog post somewhere that I felt was a little over the top in the mutual admiration dept, if there was a female equivalent for circle jerk.

He said Tupperware party. He’s never been to one, but I think that kind of sums them up. You have the party to get the hostess gift. Your firends buy because they feel guilty. And a couple of months down the road, you are at their house, eating nachos and locking in freshness.

From #2 son

Has everyone seen the incredibly cute Kia commercial, with the Black Sheep rapping hamsters?

#2 would like to point out that Kia’s chief competition appears to be, not the Cube, Versa or Vibe, but the toaster, the cardboard box, and the washing machine.

Kia: Rides better than a refridgerator box. Big enough for several hamsters.

This is why I do not work in advertising.

And finally:

We are recently back from the movie Salt. Since I am a spy movie junkie, we have also seen Knight and Day, and Killers. And are in mourning for the recent death of the James Bond franchise.
And will keep watching Covert Affairs, even though the heroine seems to be dumb as a bag of hammers and in serious need of rescue.

Anyway. Salt. There is a scene where Angelina Jolie, who is tougher than Aston Kutcher and Tom Cruise put together, is in male drag. And someone spots her and says:

I just saw Evelyn Salt. She’s dressed as a
Nato officer

What the hell?

You would think that any sane person would say
MAN or maybe GUY or DUDE.

No. Nato officer.

Does it show that this movie was originally developed for Tom Cruise?

Maybe sometimes.

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