Mother of all chaos

September 23, 2009

I will be spending part of this weekend helping #2 Son make a Seth costume for Egyptian History. Apparently, junior year history is a walk in the park, if you are not an over achiever looking for an AP class. They start at pre-history and work outwards and you can pass the unit by dressing up and cooking for a final project.

#2 had best watch his step and say nothing when they get to the Napoleonic Wars. There is no telling what I might foist on him if he admits to studying the English Regency. And whatever he does is probably, for me at least, a research tax deduction.

But for now, it is Egyptian history, and he wants to go as the God of Chaos. #2 is going as, according to the internet site he showed me:

Evil incarnate.
Which is apparently a red aardvark.
With no balls.
Seth lost his testicles in a fight with Horus, who was a little out of sorts about losing both his father, and his eye.

The last time we did a mythology costume he was Hades’ gardener. And before him, #1 son was Hades.

If it weren’t for today’s “Homecoming Dress up day” costume choice, I’d be worried that we, as a family, are a little too dark.

When it came time to choose a hall costume, #2 went with something to emphasize his height (which is extreme) and his width (which is scary thin. I swear, we feed him.)

Today, all day, he was Waldo, from the “Where’s Waldo” books.

Or, since my blog draws readers from around the globe, depending on your country of origin, he was:

Where’s Wally

You know. The guy in the red striped shirt who is always standing in a crowd.

I believe the original plan was to spoil as many pictures as possible by jumping into the background.

#2 claimed that at school he counted 220 people saying “I found him!” and 30 saying “Who are you supposed to be?”

He told one of them he was Gerard Depardeau.

Which is fairly accurate, if you think of it. Gerard shows up in the damnedest places. Kind of like Michael Caine. If you leave a camera running long enough, you probably get one or the other.

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