Merry Christmas !

December 26, 2010

And Happy New Year!

This year, at Casa de Dos Quesos, the gifts of the magi are Pepto Bismol, hand sanitizer and bleach wipes. Despite the fact that we are not sure how many of us can safely enjoy it, I am cooking symbolically again this year, in an effort to stay in the mood for my 2011 Christmas book (currently in progress).

Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, and roast potatoes, since I am cooking for the North. A cauliflower recipe I got from the Dickens cookbook, and trifle for desert. Last night’s slapped together Christmas pudding was a disaster, but tasty.

And although we are currently enjoying the Doctor Who Christmas special, The Bourne Ultimatum seems to be on the TV, whenever I turn it on.

When I complained that this did not say Christmas to me, #1 son explained that it was because

Bourne is our Lord and Savior.


For Jill, and anyone else who might have wondered, the nativity scene arrived safely. Apparently, it was a ceramic class project for some woman named Edyth S. Her name is etched in the bottoms. And where ever it had been, it has been sitting for quite a while. I washed a thick layer of dust off of it, and put it in the hall.

It’s huge.

With a normal holy family, ox and ass.

Three Kings with Fabulous camel!

Shepherds with flock of sheep and bonus camel!
And these are Bactrian camels. Two humps for the price of one.

An d finally, some girl that wandered in from the Book of Revelations.

And finally, a special gift link, from one of my readers, Lorna Toolis. This is a story that had us all snorting at the computer.

THe Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas

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