Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse…

July 11, 2011

As usual, I am making excuses for not having posted recently.  At the moment, my life can best be described as ‘all hell breaking loose.’  But usually, I don’t wake up to such an obvious confirmation of it.

We have an electronic weather station in the living room that is supposed to keep us abreast of unimportant things like the temperature, and more important things like impending tornadoes.  Mostly, it just beeps a lot.  And when we check it, it tells us that it is either very cold, very hot, or about to snow.

In winter, that last one isn’t exactly news.  This is Wisconsin.  Duh, weather machine.  I do not need a beep every time it snows between November and March.

Some day, I’m going to hit that thing with a hammer until the noise stops.  Or maybe learn what button to hit that shuts it up.  But that seems, I don’t know, rather moderate, considering how much I’ve come to hate it.

Today, however, it is definitely earning its keep.  I can hear thunder, see lightening, and feel that the ground is wet.  The DJ on the clock radio says that a major storm with high winds and hail is headed this way from the west.  And the weather station is beeping.  Because of an


Never would have seen that coming.  Probably because of the total lack of mountains for thousands of miles in all directions of me.  The piles of stuff on the desk are getting kind of tall, and the to-do list is getting kind of long.  But I don’t think they are going to slide and crush the house.  But just in case, the DH rushed upstairs and demanded that #2 son get up and prepare.  Had he had avalanche drills in high school?  Do we go to the basement for this, or the attic?

He said he had no idea.

DH:  So what did they teach you in school, then?

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