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October 20, 2010

October 17th Suspiria

I don’t get it.

No really.

This is supposed to be a classic of Italian horror. The sets were ugly. The lighting was ugly. The acting was bad. It had a sound track that made me want to punch someone.

And the villain hummed along with it.

As it is explained in the middle of the movie: a witch starts a school for ballet and the occult arts. But when she dies, they kind of drop the occult and focus on the ballet.

That explanation was the highpoint for me. But there was another hour and forty five minutes that set my teeth on edge.

October 18th Let the Right One In

Much better.

Oppressive, sad, romantic. And scary.

Little Oskar has a crush on the girl next door. Even though she’s eating the neighbors.

I’m looking forward to seeing the remake this week. It’s from the new Hammer studios. For that reason alone, I’d go.

October 19th The Mummy’s Crotch.
I mean Shroud.

From the old Hammer studios. Not one of their finer moments.

As #2 son pointed out, the mummy has a camel toe. Not a moose knuckle (as one would expect from a male mummy. A camel toe.

There is really not a good look for Imhotep, or whoever he’s supposed to be. He seems to be wearing a rag jumpsuit, complete with gathered sleeves and a zipper. I am mesmerized by all the things wrong with his costume, and cannot focus on the plot.

Bonus flick Cloverfield

I liked it in the theater. It still works on TV, although they cut the majority of the closing credit theme, Roar, by Michael Giacchino. This wonderful riff on the old Toho studios Godzilla scores is on my Ipod, along with a lot of other Giacchino soundtracks.

Of course, the whole movie is a riff on Godzilla. When you consider that Godzilla was a direct response to the nuclear end to WWII, then Clover destroying NYC is just a part of the 9-11 healing process. The kaiju is a symbol of all we cannot understand or control.

And yet, strangely fun.

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