I see author people

August 7, 2008

When I was in San Francisco, last week, roomie Michele was telling us what it was like to live in California, and see famous people walking around all over the place, only to have your family go “Huh? Where?”

Although Worldcon has a membership of 5 or 6,000 people, it is an enclosed system. I am seeing well known writers on a fairly regular basis.

The rest of the family is seeing nothing.

I was walking towards the escalator with #1 son, and said, “By the way, that was Guest of Honor, Lois McMaster Bujold we just passed.”

“Huh?” head swivel.

Later, we went to the Summerfair reception, themed for the Bujold Vor books. And I mentioned that it was too late to meet her, because she’d just walked out the door.

Husband and #1 Son: “What?”

Me (frustrated): “She walked right past you, over by the lemonade table.”

#1 Son: “Look! Over there. Charles Sumner, whose unjust caning was one of the causes of the civil war. If you can see people no one else is seeing, Than SO CAN I!”

Me: “Did they name a fort after him?”

#1 son (who passed AP American History): “That’s Fort SUMTER.”

Me: “Well, I saw Robert Silverberg in the dealer’s room.”

Later, as we were walking down the hall, I said, “There she goes again.”

#1 Son: “Where?”

Me: “Green Shirt. Behind us. She’s gone now.”

#1 Son: “I see Henry Cabot Lodge.”

Me: “You just walked past Connie Willis.”


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