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September 15, 2009

Although it may feel like it sometimes, I do not live under a rock. So of course, I have heard all about the Kanye West insult to poor little Taylor Swift.

I don’t listen to Taylor Swift. And I don’t think I’ve ever heard Kanye either. It is only recently that he became popular enough so that I could learn not to pronounce his name as “Cain.”

Cut me some slack, here. I was reading about him long before I ever heard the name, and just sort of scanned over it. Embarrassing, but not as dire to my children as the conversation where I confused Chris Rock with Kid Rock. My sons will never let me forget that. Haw, haw, haw, remember that time that Chris Rock wore the flag as a poncho at the superbowl, Mom?


I missed the VMA show, but saw the video later, (and that’s why God made the internet) of that poor little girl standing like a deer in the headlights, while a loon stole her mic. I know a lot of teenage girls. I empathize.

And of course, I saw all the commentary afterward.

And today, ABC is questioning its own ethics for accidentally releasing an off the record comment by the President of the United States calling Kanye a “Jackass.”

If I were president (and aren’t we all glad I’m not) I would definitely go ON THE RECORD on that one.

And make Halloween a national holiday. But first things first.

First, I’d call Kanye West a jackass.

Off the record should be saved for things that really shouldn’t be following you around. If you accidentally call Hitler a good painter, for example. You don’t want a statement like that on your permanent record.

But the Kanye thing is a golden opportunity. The people of this country haven’t agreed on anything 100% in about 10 years, if ever. But I think we can all join hands across party lines on the “Kanye is a Jackass” comment.

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