Ending Strong

November 10, 2010

And nine days late, of course. Although blogging regularly in October, in Novemeber I am already behind.

I finished the last two days of October, with a horror movie glut.

The Revenge of Frankenstein.
Frankenstein Created Woman
(Hammer time. Hammer studios, that is.)

Shaun of the Dead (Another perfect movie)

The Crazies (The new version. Not great, but good enough)

The Fly (The original Fly. Helllp Meeeeeeeee!)

The Tower of London (Only scary if you are one of the two princes).

House of Wax (In glorious 2D and with Vincent Price and not Paris Hilton.)

(The BBC miniseries. Highly recommended.)

The Walking Dead on AMC.
I am already an episode behind on this series, since I watched Sherlock on PBS this Sunday. Still unsure. Do not steal a horse during a zombie apocalypse. It will get eaten.

Aside from the movies, the high point of the season for me was the discovery of pozole, traditional pork and hominy soup made for the Day of the Dead. Supposedly, it has pre-Columbian origins and was originally made with people.

Probably a good menu for a showing of Soylent Green.

Also, rumor has reached me from the UW, that #1 son’s Halloween costume was a partial failure. It seems, if you are out as Sid Vicious without #1 girlfriend to be Nancy, you will be mistaken for Edward Cullen.

So, it’s official. Heroin addicts and vampires look the same.

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