Damn Dirty Apes

May 28, 2007

As I said before, I’ve been kind of lost in space, what with the writing and all.

And there’s this 1000 piece jigsaw that my husband gave me as a Mother’s Day gift. It’s a Jackson Pollack painting.

So, I’m never going to finish it before I go blind from all those squiggles. I’m seriously considering feeding it to the dog, one piece at a time, until I get down to about 500 pieces, and then calling it a day and throwing the rest in the trash.

Anyway. I must have missed an important bit of news, while messing around. #2 son was cruising the online TV guide the other day. And he ran into the office to tell me that The History Channel was showing “Planet of the Apes.”

I told him not to be ridiculous, and that it was probably a primate documentary that wandered over from The Discovery Channel and couldn’t find its way home.

He said, “Starring Charlton Heston?”

Well, I haven’t been to New York I a couple of years. And when I was there, I didn’t notice that it was possible to ride a horse up to the Statue of Liberty.

But if The History Channel says so, who am I to argue?

So, a big shout out from Doublecheese to our Simian Overlords. Nothing personal, guys. Like I said before, I was busy.

And for all you humans out there?

Watch it with the banana jokes. The chimps are all right but Gorillas have no sense of humor.

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