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October 30, 2010

October 25th Creature from the Black Lagoon

Going back to an old favorite. Campy fun, with nice underwater photography, and Seahunt era bathing suits. As usual, a Creature goes after the girl, and things end badly for him.

October 26th Them!

This movie has held up better than all the other creature features from its era. It still has some genuine scares in it. Weird sound effects and a creepy, traumatized girl with a broken doll. It takes a good third of the movie to get to the ants, and by then, the tension is ratcheted up pretty high.

There is also a plucky girl scientist, who stays smart for the duration of the movie. Very progressive, for the 50’s.

As with the Black Lagoon, I always wonder why they haven’t remade this one.

October 27th Paranormal Activity 2

Loved it. And can’t say much more than that, without giving away the plot. Not just a rip-off. It does a clever job of working a sequel into a movie that was meant as a standalone, back spinning the plot to explain the other story.

Not recommended for the faint of heart if
You have a dog.
Or a kid.
Or a basement.
Or are named Chris. Every time they called the heroine by name, I twitched.

October 28th Don’t Look Now

I tried. This is supposed to be one of those atmospheric movies that scared everyone in the 70’s.

Maybe a little. But it was a little too subtle for me, although I found the images of Venice in winter to be moody and a little chilling. Also, the sex scene might be erotic, or at least touching, if you are the sort of person who doesn’t mind looking at a naked Donald Sutherland. Personally, I found this to be one of the scarier parts of the movie.

October 29th Black Sheep

The best movie ever.

This was recommended by #1 son, and my friend Jean. I don’t know if either of them have actually seen it, or if this was some kind of dare, after I expressed my love for the dairy farm monster, earlier this month.

But man eating sheep are better. As are the were-sheep that the bitten humans become. The hero is in therapy for his unfortunate phobia of sheep. As killer sheep are trying to eat through a door to get him he says it’s

“Just the completely unfounded and irrational fear that one day *this* is going to happen!”

There are bestiality jokes, sheep farts, and a mint jelly attack. Also, lots and lots of sheep, struggling to look vicious.

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