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October 17, 2010

October 13th Dawn of the Dead

Zombies in a shopping mall. The original version, not the remake. First saw it in the theater when it came out. Didn’t get it.
More fun, now that I know the soundtrack music by Dario Argento was reused in Shaun of the Dead. Am also a lot more amused, now days, by nihilism and capitalist zombies.

October 14th 28 Days Later

Zombies attack Britain and Christopher Eccleston goes mad.

But they are not zombies. We are not using the zed word.

I am worried that the month is getting a little zombie-heavy. But there will be more, I am sure.

October 15th Gamera vs. Monster X

A jet powered turtle saves the World’s Fair. Two little boys steal a mini-sub and go for a joy ride down his throat.

And a Japanese scientist explains that the monster is weaker outside of his natural environment, just as Eskimos become weaker when you take them to a warmer climate.

What the Hell?

Also, never blow into a statue named The Devil’s Whistle.

But this and a margarita got me through cleaning the kitchen. Therefore, it’s a great movie.

October 16th Isolation

If Alien was set on a dairy farm, it would be this movie.

The first straight up scare of the month for me. Full of what #1’s friend Olivia called ‘hoodie moments’.

You know. Where you hide your face in your hoodie, to keep from seeing the scary part?

This is an Irish indie movie, small, obscure and by a first time director, that plays on UK fears of mad cow and hoof and mouth. Bloody, in a veterinary sort of way. Most reviews use the word ‘claustrophobic.’ They are accurate.

Maybe I am biased. I was scared by the rather silly Signs, because I watched it alone and surrounded by corn fields. But Isolation manages to make Holstein cows look threatening.

I will not be going up the hill to visit the neighbor’s herd.

Can’t sleep. Cows will eat me.

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