Because I can’t ask a direct question…

April 22, 2010

I am trying to figure out how to coordinate my Doublecheese blog (which is mostly kids and pets) with my website (me, me, me, and my books, books, books). Right now, what goes to one goes to the other. But if I want, I can split anything to writer-y or publishing-ish, so that it goes only to the main site, and leave the LJ site go to the dogs. But if LJ readers care to hear this stuff, I will send it along.

Warning: whatever I post is likely to be in the same tone as what I am doing now. If you are looking for, or worried about cynical publishing rants and RWA politics, real politics, or expecting a pipeline to the truth, you are unlikely to get them.

Does anyone care? I am willing to go with the majority. Answer the poll (assuming it transfers to LJ) or leave a comment on Livejournal or at

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