October 28, 2008

And bonus points to anyone who recognizes that quote.

I’m going to be doling the pictures out, a few at a time, since I have plenty.

And since I am still rearranging tiny shrubbery, and little picket fences.

But here is the view from the yard.


These guys do not have names. And I have to admit, I did not build them myself. I bought them ready made from a crafter. But they are surprisingly simple, garden stakes, burlap, a mask, some spray paint. Very effective.

This year, my husband said, “We should get one of those full size skeletons.”

I said, “What? Another one?”

He’d forgotten about this guy.

The entry hall.

And this is an antique birdcage with a folk art carving of a dead crow inside. It stays up all year long, since I can legitimately say it is art and antique.

More tomorrow

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