February 18, 2006

I’m still recovering from Valentine’s Day. I netted quite a haul. The DH came through with all requested jewelry, including the previously requested Christmas earrings, and a nice necklace and earring set for our upcoming anniversary. It gave me the opportunity to so my house cleaning for the spaghetti supper, while wearing pearls.

Only earrings. I should have thought ahead and asked for a choker. It would have been much more Donna Reed. And considering my housekeeping, I to take Donna Reed points where I can find them.

But I dropped the ball on the gift to the husband. I mistakenly thought, since I got him a skull for a wedding gift, that more and better skulls were the way to go. It’s like anniversaries and jewelry, right? You start out with paper, and work your way towards diamonds.

It’s been 22 years. I figure another couple, it’ll be 25 and the relationship qualifies for Design Toscano’s seven foot tall brontosaurus yard ornament. I do have permission, should we ever get a million dollars, to go buy that. They have a giraffe sculpture that’s even bigger, but the DH agrees, if you’re going to do something really stupid, why go half way?

But we were talking the other day, and I happened to mention that I hadn’t had time to buy the reissue of one of my favorite Jennifer Crusie books “Anyone But You,” where Fred the dog steals the bra…

And he said, “There’s a new Crusie out?”

Well, yeah, but it’s and old one. I already read it so…”

“And it’s on audio?”

“Yeah, but…”

“And you bought me a SKULL For Valentine’s Day?”

So I got in trouble because I forgot to buy my husband a Harlequin Romance for Valentine’s Day.

It’s hard, when you’ve been with a person a long time, and you find out that you’ve grown apart. But it’s even more awkward to discover that you’ve grown together.

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