Liz Monahan is in a rut.

Her boss is a jerk. Her mom won’t stop asking about her love life. And her boyfriend just might be married.

But since she found that corpse in her hotel room, things have gotten interesting.

The new guy in accounting has a license to kill. He thinks she holds the key to a terrorist plot. And the man in her life is a rogue secret agent who just might want her dead.

But at least he’s single.

The peaceful country of Seravano is best known for its spotted goats, and the impending royal wedding between Crown Prince Paolo Zara and the beautiful but flighty actress, Sylphine Jones. But when Sylphine gets two black eyes a week before the wedding, the prince needs to find a stand in for the engagement documentary.

Enter Dana Miller, unsuspecting American tourist and a dead ringer for Sylphine. Dana wanted a romantic European adventure.

She’s about to get more than she bargained for.