Lady Rachel’s Dangerous Duke                                           May 2022

Lady Olivia’s Forbidden Protector                                      Sep 2021

Lady Margaret’s Mystery Gentleman                                 Jan 2021

Vows to Save Her Reputation                                               Aug 2020

The Brooding Duke of Danforth                                          May 2019

Harlequin Historical

How Not to Marry an Earl
Harlequin Historical                                                              Nov 2018

A Kiss Away From Scandal
Harlequin Historical                                                               Jun 2018

A Convenient Bride for a Soldier
Harlequin Historical                                                               Sep 2017

The Wedding Game
Harlequin Historical                                                               Jan 2017

The Secrets of Wiscombe Chase
Harlequin Historical                                                               Mar 2016

A Ring From a Marquess
Harlequin Historical                                                               Apr 2015
A member of the de Bryun Sisters series

The Truth About Lady Felkirk
Harlequin Historical                                                               Oct 2014
A member of the Belston and Friends and de Bryun Sisters series

The Fall of a Saint
Harlequin Historical                                                               Mar 2014
Book two of The Sinner and the Saint

The Greatest of Sins
Harlequin Historical                                                              May 2013
Book one of The Sinner and the Saint

Two Wrongs Make a Marriage
Harlequin Historical                                                              Oct 2012

Lady Priscilla’s Shameful Secret
Harlequin Historical                                                              May 2012
Ladies in Disgrace Trilogy

Lady Drusilla’s Road to Ruin
Harlequin Historical                                                             Apr 2012
Ladies in Disgrace Trilogy

Lady Folbroke’s Delicious Deception
Harlequin Historical                                                             Mar 2012
Ladies in Disgrace Trilogy

A Regency Christmas Carol
Harlequin Historical                                                            Nov 2011
A Christmas story

Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess
Harlequin Historical                                                            Jul 2011
A member of the Belston and Friends series

Taken By the Wicked Rake
Harlequin Historical                                                           Jan 2011
Part of the Regency Silk Scandal Continuity (book 8)

Paying the Virgin’s Price
Harlequin Historical                                                           Jul 2010
Part of the Regency Silk Scandal Continuity (book 2)

Miss Winthorpe’s Elopement
Harlequin Historical                                                          Mar 2010
 Book 1 of the Belston and Friends series

Need To Know
Self published                                                                  Oct 2009
Contemporary e-book

A Wicked Liaison
Harlequin Historical                                                         Jul 2009
Book 3 of the Radwells series

The Mistletoe Wager
Harlequin Historical                                                         Dec 2008
A Christmas Story

An Unladylike Offer
Harlequin Historical                                                         Aug 2007
Book 2 of the Radwells series

The Inconvenient Duchess
Harlequin Historical                                                         Oct 2006
Book 1 of the Radwells series
2005 Golden Heart Winner