Regency Silk and Scandal

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This is a season of secrets, scandal and seduction in high society! Set in Regency England, this continuity sweeps you from glittering ballrooms, to a smuggler’s cove in Cornwall, to the wilds of Scotland, a Romany camp, and back again. Each story has a passionate, intense, central relationship but the thread linking them together is a darkly dangerous, yet sexy stranger, who is out for revenge, delivering a silken rope as his calling card. Through him, a long-forgotten past is stirred to life, and the notorious events of 1794 which saw one man murdered and another hanged for the crime, are brought in to question. Was the right man brought to justice or is there still a treacherous murderer at large?

Book 1

The Lord and the Wayward Lady by Louise Allen

Nell Latham is a milliner who is not all she seems. Her life is hard – and then a mysterious stranger with death on his mind throws her into the path of the Carlows, a family with enough dangerous secrets of their own, without the added complication of Nell and Marcus Carlow developing a tempestuous attraction for each other. At gunpoint. Nell the milliner is obviously ineligible as a bride for Marcus, who is also a viscount But Nell’s true identity is a threat to both her and Marcus’s family and is the catalyst for revelations of scandal, murder and treachery that will resonate through all of the books. For more about Louise and her books, visit her at: 

Book 2

Paying the Virgin’s Price by Christine Merrill

Ten years ago, during a night of reckless gaming, Nathan Wardale ruined a man and won the right to take the innocence of his daughter, Diana. It was a debt he never planned to claim. But now, London’s luckiest gambler will see that the only thing worth winning is the one thing he can’t have: the heart of Diana Price.

Book 3

 The Smuggler and the Society Bride by Julia Justiss

“Lady Honoria Carlow flees London after a scandalous disgrace to take refuge with her aunt in Cornwall and try to figure out who engineered her ruin…and why. Enter handsome Irishman Gabe Hawksworth, known locally as “the Hawk”, currently captaining a smuggling vessel for the army friend who saved his life, and suddenly Honoria finds that exile to the rugged Cornish coast seems much more appealing.

Though her aristocratic family would be appalled at her attraction to a low-born free trader, there’s something about the well-spoken Gabe that calls out to the free-spirited Honoria, even as Gabe wonders about the story behind the unexpected appearance of this mysterious beauty. Until an attraction that should never have been becomes a compulsion too strong for either of them to resist…”

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 Book 4

Claiming the Forbidden Bride by Gayle Wilson

Major Rhys Morgan, late of His Majesty’s Light Dragoons, hopes, despite his wounds, to continue his service for king and country. The consequences of his heroic rescue of a little girl pitch him instead into the midst of a Romany camp and into the arms of a beautiful and mysterious Gypsy healer. The last thing Nadya Argentari wants or needs is a romantic involvement with an Englishman. When someone seems to be targeting her and her family, however, Rhys vows to protect the woman he has fallen in love with–a relationship they both know will never be accepted in the either of the very disparate worlds they inhabit.

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Book 5

The Viscount and the Virgin by Annie Burrows

The Honourable Imogen Hebden, (the daughter of Louise’s Murdered Baron.) is not pretty, has no fortune, and goes up to London for her first season with the shadow of scandal hanging over her. Her mother’s family try to re-instate her into society, but it is such an uphill struggle she decides she must find work as a governess. The very last thing she wants to do is fall under the spell of a handsome rake, but Viscount Mildenhall is just sooo irresistible! Here’s Annie with her very own Mills and Boon hero (courtesy of a promo event at the Manchester Central Library)

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 Book 6

Unlacing the Innocent Miss by Margaret McPhee

Rosalind Meadowfield is a dowager’s companion with a secret to hide. Even when she is accused of theft and fleeing for her life Rosalind dare not reveal the truth of it. With so much at stake how can she find herself falling for the very man sent to apprehend her? Will Wolversley, or Wolf as he is known, a man with a past, strong, honourable, and embittered, has every reason to dislike his captive. She is the very epitome of all that he has been raised to despise, yet her innocence and courage touch his hardened heart and whisper a dangerous temptation. Between thief-taker and thief burns a flame of passion that cannot be ignored – not by Rosalind or Wolf…or by the shadowy background figure so determined upon Rosalind’s downfall.

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Book 7

The Officer and the Proper Lady by Louise Allen

Louise Allen’s second story is set on and around the battlefield of Waterloo. Major Hal Carlow is a self-confessed rake and is not fit company for the impoverished and proper Miss Julia Tresilian. But Brussels just before the battle of Waterloo is a social hot-house that throws them together. Hal is certain that he does not want a wife. Julia knows she must make a sensible match, not ruin herself with a rake. And then the battle changes everything for both of them, and exposes them to the danger and scandal that is haunting the entire Carlow family. 

Book 8

Taken By the Wicked Rake by Christine Merrill

He’s wicked. And she’s kidnapped. More Gypsies, curses, in-law problems, and the solution to a 15 year old murder mystery.