It’s Coming from Inside the Walgreens

October 26, 2015

Last week, I went to the drugstore to pick up my happy pills, in prep for last week’s dental surgery. (Which was successful, by the way. I now have a big hole in the back of my jaw that is healing so that another implant can be fitted.) But, since I have a weakness for […]


A Series of Unfortunate Events

October 20, 2015

As usual, I am back to the blog after months of absence with a pile of excuses. Of course, the last batch of excuses is, by far, the best ones I’ve had. In the last year, everything has gone wrong. Maybe not everything. We are all still alive. But since #2 Son got sick last […]


Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

April 22, 2015

I survived my surgery and am scarred up a little, but on the mend.  I look  not too different, and am seeing better than I have in a decade, which is a great comfort.   And, if anyone is interested, I am still running a raffle until the end of the month, to celebrate the […]


Snip, snip.

April 2, 2015

1980 was a good year for me. I was a freshman in college. And, instead of putting on the Freshman 15, I lost it, did my hair and make-up, and got a couple of new outfits. I officially peaked the day before my Geology 201 final.   The next morning, I woke up with my […]


A chance at the non-brass ring.

March 30, 2015

Lots of things going on in my end of the world this week. [lady felkirk] is on sale until the 31st. My latest book [ring from a marquess] is just hitting the virtual shelves. And, as usual, I should be very busy finishing the next book. Also, there will be more blogging than usual this […]


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