The Wedding Game

The engagement escapade!

This season, all eyes are on biddable, well-connected Lady Belle. And for ambitious Benjamin Lovell, she’s the perfect candidate for a convenient marriage. First, though, he must contend with her fiercely protective sister, Lady Amelia Summoner.
Amy is determined that only the right man will win her sister, and rakish Benjamin is certainly not that. Every move he makes, she’ll be one step ahead! Until the games get out of hand…and Amy realizes she’s broken her own rules and fallen for Ben herself!


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An Enjoyable Romance 4 Stars
What a great story! I liked the characters, Amy and Benjamin, and the storyline. The writing is smooth. What an enjoyable romance. Kept me turning the pages.

Regency version of Taming of the Shrew 4 Stars
The story is set in the Regency Era, during the London Season.
Merrill’s plot has elements from Shakespeare’s: “Taming of the Shrew,” but she provides a sympathetic reason for Amy’s shrewish behavior.