The Secrets of Wiscombe Chase

“What do I want? Satisfaction. Reparation. Revengeā€¦”
Though Gerald Wiscombe left for war a naive boy, he returns a man determined to claim what’s rightfully his! But when Gerry suspects that his wife has been less than faithful in his absence, he intends to seek the truth.
Lillian has endured all she can to protect her beloved son, until the arrival of her war-hero husband. Now, not only is Lily faced with revealing terrible secrets she has hidden for years, but also an attraction that bewitches her beyond her sensesā€¦


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A Keeper 4 Stars
It’s been awhile since we seen a novel by this author but this romance is well worth the wait. An emotional gripping novel. How from the butt ashes of a bad situation/misunderstanding how love could grow and mature the second time around. Bravo. So glad you’re back!

Cute and Sweet Story 4 Stars
The setting/pacing of this isn’t mysterious at all, even though it tried to be. It’s more like watching a hide and seek event with half of the brochure then steadily having the rest of the information filled in, a little amused, but nothing really surprising. Though it is sweet and cute, and I like the way Merrill created the setting and the interactions. I’d recommend it.