The Belston and Friends Series

Miss Winthorpe’s Elopement

Shy heiress Miss Penelope Winthorpe was only trying to escape her bullying brother. She never meant to wed a noble lord over a blacksmith’s anvil!Adam Felkirk, Duke of Bellston, had no intention of taking a wife. But then Penelope’s plight moved him. Now the notorious rake has a new aim to shock and seduce his prim and proper bride. But the gorgeous duke will be taught a lesson of his own as scholarly Miss Winthorpe becomes his seductive duchess!

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Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess



Daphne Collingham is masquerading as a governess in Lord Timothy Colton’s home – determined to discover if he is responsible for her beloved cousin’s death. She’s prepared to uncover secrets and scandal, but the biggest revelation is the way she feels under the lord’s dark gaze…. Lord Colton is suspicious of the alluring new governess – and with the furor surrounding him he must control his passion. But a man has his limits, and the delectable Miss Collingham is pure temptation….


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The Truth About Lady Felkirk

The wife he doesn’t know…

When William Felkirk opens his eyes, the past six months are blank. What happened? And who is this beautiful woman claiming to be his wife and caring for his broken body?
Justine will do anything to protect her sister, even if that means pretending to be a stranger’s wife. She must guard the reasons for her deception with her life. But with every passing day, William unlocks her heart just a little more, and Justine knows she won’t be able to hide the truth forever….


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