Just Kidneying

November 14, 2014

Since I got back from Seattle, things at the casa have gotten interesting. While I was gone, I got a message from #2 son, asking about the ingredients to some energy bars we got at Costco. #2 is now 21 years old, in college, while working a third shift job, and has an adorable girlfriend. […]


Ask me about my feminist agenda!

October 23, 2014

I have an increasingly long list of things I’ve been up to lately, that have kept me away from blogging. I had a book out last month: [lady felkirk] I have a book out this month as well. An anthology of Christmas novellas called Wish upon a snowflake that contains my story THE CHRISTMAS DUCHESS […]


The Smut Panel

October 12, 2014

So. In Seattle, right now, at Geek Girl Con. It’s been ages since I’ve been to a con. Also ages since I’ve seen my buddy, Corrina Lawson. She talked me into this. Specifically to do a panel called Sex Scenes and the Female Gaze. Yeah, I did it. I read sex in public. Don’t tell […]


I have a dream…

August 7, 2014

Last night, I just discovered why I am not an international success making millions of dollars a week. I dreamed my own version of Fifty Shades of Grey. The whole dream was dramatically lit and colored, rather like the previews to the new Sin City movie, which is actually proof that I am watching too […]


4 Reasons not to read Matt Walsh

July 27, 2014

So. The Sunday after RWA and I am still in San Antonio, packing slowly and generally feeling like I have been beaten half to death with a romance stick. I am also writing (slowly) what will be the sequel to THE TRUTH ABOUT LADY FELKIRK. And procrastinating. Of course. Watched the 50 Shades trailer. I […]


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